Thursday, December 18, 2003

Astenar:: whoosh! EntropyHed:: that was fowl Astenar:: gives him the bird EntropyHed:: *hawks a loogie at him* Astenar:: call him a chicken EntropyHed:: I'm surprised you had the gull to go there Astenar:: wouldn't sparrow you any detail EntropyHed:: *hums ave maria* Astenar:: I can't do all the puns, you might consider pigeon in EntropyHed:: ah...a flaming oh... Astenar:: hands him a Dove bar to wash his mouth out with EntropyHed:: owl! that one hurt Astenar:: slaps chains on him, fin-eagle your way out of that! EntropyHed:: I'll just wing it, you'll see Astenar:: just beak-ause you're losing.... EntropyHed:: let me mull-et for a bit Astenar:: now you're really egging me on EntropyHed:: *pulls back on the yolk and settles down* EntropyHed:: that fries me Astenar:: at least you'r coming out of your shell EntropyHed:: this won't be over easy Astenar:: scrambles to think of another pun EntropyHed:: damn, you poached that one EntropyHed:: ok...which came first? Astenar:: claws his brain for more EntropyHed:: I'm gonna tal-on you Urda joined EntropyHed:: whew... Astenar:: you're stark raven mad EntropyHed:: hi urda EntropyHed:: lol Astenar:: I'll have you eating crow yet EntropyHed:: (damn, you type too fast) Astenar:: you turkey EntropyHed:: ok, that takes the gravy, I'll beat the stuffing outta ya Astenar:: been blowing your horn a plenty lately EntropyHed:: lack of sax Oren Grudgebearer joined Oren Grudgebearer:: hello Astenar:: we drifted off topic. Truce. EntropyHed:: *shakes hands*

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Adrienne and I had this wine last night with our dinner. Toasted Head Wines. We gulped it down with Adrienne's homemade chili and corn bread in our secret garden. (Don't ask because I'm not going to tell you) Any way, it was a decent wine with a cool name ;)

Friday, December 12, 2003

As many of you know, this time of year is difficult for Adrienne and I, Connor would have been five on Wednesday. I've been trying to think of what to put up here and just can't think of anything that doesn't sound trite. Things should have been different. I'll let the words of other people do the talking. Thanks Kell, Carl and kids the flowers are beautiful. Adrienne received this poem from her cousin Colleen in an e-mail: Ode to Connor A wonder to behold, a story not full told A blissful babe to share, a golden face and warm brown hair A giant in disguise with soft and tender eyes He gave us moments to know that for all the world aglow Our turn on earth is blessed by all of those who now rest Whose lives have touched our own, then wait for somewhere unknown His beauty is forever etched in soul, let the universe fill that vacant hole With love, and song and laughter and moments still to capture His memory gives us notice that our time here is so swift He came and then left us knowing that each life is a precious gift. PCP'03

Monday, December 08, 2003

I found this page while looking for modeling foam for our future winter solstice displays. I thought this was a pretty neat idea to create the molds using the green florist stuff. CultTVman: Bill Early's Spindrift

Friday, December 05, 2003

When asked by santa what he wanted for xmas a very serious Conrad responded "a candy cane and world peace". I love being a father to such a cool kid, there are so many little gems.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Flea sent me a link to this entry in another journal. This person took the song "I like big butts" and translated it into latin and back in to proper English. The results are hilarious. quislibet: a musical interlude

Monday, November 24, 2003

Friday, November 21, 2003

Adrienne showed me this cartoon last night that had me in stitches. I noticed very faint on the bottom an url so I went poking around and found a website by an asian artist named Kudeki, at least I am making the assumption s/he is Asian, that I really enjoyed. I love this image Anyway, it's definately worth spending some time figuring out the navigation and looking at the artwork.

Thursday, November 20, 2003

Don't forget, when you are putting together your shopping list for that big Thanksgiving holiday feast to include some tasty beverages.

Wednesday, November 19, 2003

Have you heard of Moophius? Did you take the red pill? Check it.
A was reading an online article about the king of pop today when C walked in, pointed at the picture, and said, "Scary Man!" And then some...
Sound Bites: Dirk and Sheila - It's official! Sheila is brewing up twins inside! Congratulations, it's been a long tough road. Flea - Flea has seen her way to looping around the sun yet again and has emerged...wiser? Who knows what lurks in our sephoric latina goddess... We have the majority of winter solstice shopping complete thanks to the genius of A and the internet. Just a couple more to buy. While I'm on that subject, does anyone know of a really outstanding place to buy LED lighting? Both solstice lights and replacement bulbs.

Monday, November 17, 2003

Added comments to the posts. Hopefully this will allow me to see if anyone is actually reading this stuff. 8^)

Friday, November 14, 2003

This from The Daily Zen: The pine tree's voice is always whispering, Yet how many pause to listen? For when the churning mind is still, The Diamond Heart within Reflects even the falling dusk that Shrouds every eye and branch, And hears, but listens not. Walking, then, with Courage and Kindness, Never ceasing to walk in Wonder, We follow our ancient path. For the Way of the sword is folded two; Like the rose we have thorns, And like the rose, we unfold. - Ji Aoi Isshi

Thursday, November 13, 2003

There are many beautiful women in this world. I'm married to one for instance. There are even a few who are not from this world. (Click on the pictures for more)

Monday, November 03, 2003

Friday, October 31, 2003

Yesterday we carved pumpkins with Conrad on our living room floor. Scattering pumpkin seeds and gore across the pages of yesterdays news, while Conrad poked the pumpkins with various pumpkin carving tools and Adrienne (the goddess) brought forth the faces of fear in pumpkin flesh. 8^) I started playing around with a little gift this Bright got last year at the winter solstice celebrations. It's an inexpensive digital pen cam from Aiptek. I took this pic this morning of the clouds from my driveway looking toward the rising sun And this of the medicine isle in Pavilions where I picked up some expectorant for a sickened Adrienne (get well my love).

Friday, October 24, 2003

I'm really pissed I'm not going to live forever. hehe. This article is another teaser in my list of things that will eventually happen but I probably won't be able to see. Wired 11.11: Regrow Your Own

Thursday, October 23, 2003

Yesterday was my anniversary. Eight years married to the most incredible woman I've ever met. I find it humbling and amazing that loves me and strive daily to be worthy. I met Adrienne at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and we walked through downtown to Cafe Mundial. Travis greeted us at the door in his usual style (we went to high school together and I was his boss at his first job) and Ben (Adrienne's cousin) showed us to our seats. Adrienne had stopped by The Wine Cellar earlier in the day and after quite some deliberation picked up a bottle of Southing from Sea Smoke wineries. What a wonderful wine! Our appetizer was seared ahi on a bed of pasta and thinly sliced cucumbers and lighty covered with a cucumber wasabi sauce. Adrienne got the creamy asparagus soup and I got the ceasar salad. For our main courses I had a Chilean sea bass that was covered in an orange tomato sauce. This was excellent. I've never had a bad cut of fish here. Adrienne got the baked sand dabs that were also very good. (not as good as mine however). Then for desert we had a very hot VERY rich chocolate souffle. A leisurely stroll home and another memory stored to think about as we sit on our rockers in old age and hold hands.

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

And here I thought I was fairly hip to the 80's culture. Ack!
So I stopped at the local shell station to gas up my car. i was helped by a gentlemen in his late 40's early 50's who looked eastern european (slavic). While he is helping me he speaking to another much older gentlemen in a back room. I didn't recognize the language so I asked him what language he is speaking. "Farsi" he replies. "Huh, cool. I wish I was bilingual", I say shaking my head. "Actually, I'm fluent in 6 languages". I think I stood there for at least 5 seconds with my mouth hanging open.

Monday, October 20, 2003

This weekend we did a bunch of home improvement stuff. On Saturday Adrienne, who has grown increasingly bored and frustrated with the bland shade of whites and offwhites our house was entombed in, painted our kitchen a shade of cobalt blue. On Sunday I rented a floor sander from Home Despot and proceed to sand the hardwood floors in the front bedroom. Someone in the past decided that they should carpet these 70 year old oak hardwood floors, but before that they would paint the room in a shade of the despised white and said to themselves, "Bah! Why should I cover the floors with tarps since I'm going to be carpeting anyway". The result was paint all over the floor. Well this sander just mowed through all that and I happy to report the floors are close to being returned to their prior glory. We need to touch up around the areas that I couldn't reach with the uber-sander and rub some linseed oil in. Then it's a seal. Lovely. While I had the sander Adrienne had the brilliant idea to do the dining room table with the sander. =) So I took the top off of the table and laid it out in the front bedroom so I could free it from the shackles of a very dark stain and years of abuse. Some background on the table may be in order: 80 yrs ago my great grandfather built this table. He then handed it down to my grandfather, where it sat and selflessly served meals to my 6 aunts and uncles. It served up horizontal goodness for homework, cards and all the stuff that brings a family together and sometimes tears them apart. It sat in mute witness to my mother's and father's first date. My grandfather saw fit to refinish this guy twice. Then with the family sent into adulthood (unprepared of course, like all of us) the table moved to my parents house where it witnessed yet another first date on Christmas Eve 1985. One nervous Eric and one enthralled (so I've been told) Adrienne. Now with my grandparents, their standing waves having smoothed back into the background noise of this universe, and my parents, the proud owners of my mothers "first" new dining set, moving on, the table has moved into my home, where it sat and bemoaned the years inevitable decay. Now with it's shiny and "raw wood" new attitude it reflects the light on my family's face and once again serves proudly, providing much needed horizontal space for eating, scribbling, doing bills, drinking tea, holding bowls of fruit, catching mid morning sun... Perhaps someday, my son will grab a block and some sandpaper and refinish it again.
I got a kick out of this article. I can remember playing most of these games. Especially the hand held football one. I still remember the moves you need to put the defense on one side and scream up the side line preparing your wrists for the coming carpal tunnel.

Friday, October 17, 2003

I recently wrote to our senators explaing my opposition to the school voucher program in Washington D.C. and I got this response today: ***Warning this is a loooong post*** October 16, 2003 Dear Mr. Milliken: I am writing in response to your letter regarding the District of Columbia's school voucher pilot program. I recognize that this is a controversial issue, so I would like to try to respond as fully as possible. Washington, D.C. Mayor Anthony Williams has proposed a 5 year pilot program in the District of Columbia to provide scholarships of up to $7,500 to allow parents to pay for tuition, fees, and transportation to any private school in the District. While I have not supported school vouchers in my thirty years of public service, I respect and support Mayor Williams' efforts to improve educational opportunities for his city. Because of the nature of the relationship between the Federal government and D.C., the issue before us is a package of financial educational new dollars for the District. While I will continue to support our public education system in every way I can, I believe we need to rethink what works for children. If we look at what works for students, we would probably agree that different models are helpful, because what works for one child may not necessarily work for another. Clearly, the public schools in the District need improvement. District schools currently spend $10,852 per student - the third highest per student spending in the country - yet student achievement remains very low. On September 4, the Senate Appropriations Committee approved the Fiscal Year 2004 District of Columbia Appropriations bill, which provided $40 million in new money to D.C. schools, including $13 million to D.C. public schools, $13 million to D.C. charter schools, and $13 million to implement Mayor Williams' voucher proposal. I would not have supported this "pilot" if it took funds from D.C.'s public education system. But it does not; rather it adds net new dollars. Before I decided to support the program and vote in the Appropriations Committee in favor of the proposal to fund the school choice program, I made sure that the bill addressed a number of key issues. Specifically, the proposal contains the following components: Creates a pilot program, not a precedent. The bill sunsets the voucher program after 5 years, at which time the Mayor, the Secretary of Education, and Congress will evaluate the success of the program and determine the extent of improvement in student achievement. Requires student testing to measure academic achievement. Voucher students will receive comparable assessments to their peers in D.C. public schools to determine after 5 years if the voucher program improved academic excellence. I am working to change the word "comparable" to "same," so that we can accurately assess the performance of students in the voucher program. Provides $7,500 vouchers. The bill gives at least 2,000 low-income parents, by lottery, the option of sending their children to private and religious schools in the District. The voucher funds can be used for tuition, fees, and transportation. Priority is given to the neediest parents living at 185 percent of the poverty level ($34,000 for a family of four) whose children attend failing schools. Sets the maximum voucher amount at a fair level. The median price of private schools in the District is $8,000; the bill provides for a $7,500 voucher, making it feasible for some parents to make up the difference between the amount of the scholarship and the cost of some private school tuition. Many schools have tuition well within the $7,500 limit. Ensures that vouchers go to students of failing schools. The bill states that "In awarding grants under this Act, the Secretary shall give priority to applications from eligible entities who will most effectively (1) give priority to eligible students who, in the school year preceding the school year for which the eligible student is seeking a scholarship, attended an elementary school or secondary school identified for improvement, corrective action, or restructuring; and (2) target resources to students and families who lack the financial resources to take advantage of available educational options." An eligible student is defined as a student who is a District resident who "comes from a household whose income does not exceed 185 percent of the poverty line." Increases Mayoral accountability. The Mayor will have input in all aspects of the voucher program and can be held accountable for student results. The bill requires Mayor Williams and the Secretary of Education to enter into a Memorandum of Understanding to design and implement the program, including the creation or selection of an appropriate entity to run the program. The Memorandum will address the following needs: the provision of strong accountability measures and program performance evaluations, the specifics of a lottery system which will provide fair and unbiased acceptance of students into the voucher program, oversight by the D.C. Mayor of the program's operation, the criteria for the selection of participating schools, the evaluation and methodology for the selection of participating schools and for the certification of licensure, and other necessary requirements such as health and safety codes, and the development of appropriate oversight and accountability measures. I firmly support the role of parents in the education of their children, and I believe that every parent should be able to make decisions that will be in the best interest of his or her child. Public schools in Washington, D.C. are in dire straights and needy District parents should be given the chance to provide their children with better academic opportunities. Affluent families have that opportunity now, poor families do not. Why not try this? After 5 years, we can then evaluate the program and learn from it. I am willing to allow the Mayor to try this "pilot." It is not a precedent for vouchers in any other community. Thank you for taking the time to write to me. I hope that you will continue to share your opinions with me in the future. If I can be of any assistance to you, or if you would like to express additional comments, please feel free to call my office in Washington, D.C. at (202) 224-3841. Sincerely yours, Dianne Feinstein United States Senator Further information about my position on issues of concern to California and the Nation are available at my website . You can also receive electronic e-mail updates by subscribing to my e-mail list at .

Monday, October 06, 2003

A couple of interesting sites I was directed to this morning when I got my first e-newsletter from the Brights. The first is a website for the American Chapter of the Brights movement sponsored by the American Humanist Association. If you support this kind of thinking do what you can to spread the message. Let's move from superstition and mythology and...well...evolve.

Tuesday, September 30, 2003

My little sister is a mommy! The official scoop: Name: Devin Edward Avedissian Birthdate: 9:45pm September 29th, 2003 Weight: 5 pounds, 7 ounces Length: 18 inches (what size kilt is that? anyone?) A nervous throng of friends and family celebrated the arrival with cheers and hugs, waking the rest of the maternity ward. Cheers young Devin. Pictures as they come available.
Just to keep it fresh in my memory. This is my coat of arms:
I'm not quite sure how I feel about this. I checked out this article in Wired, and I must say I like the idea of a loose knit organization of people who dismiss the ideas of mysticism especially in the political context, I don't know that these people are well suited to "grouping". And the name, oy. I signed up anyway, to see and support 'cause I think the idea is a good one. The Brights

Monday, September 29, 2003

Ipaulo dug up this nugget. It's a horoscope for tech workers.
Sheila had this up this morning so being fond of playing with gender roles I was curious to see this: HASH(0x83e0c08)
You're an anime corset. Colorful.

What corset are you?
brought to you by Quizilla I suppose it fits.

Friday, September 26, 2003

I love this. Caught it on CNN this morning. Can anyone read French well enough to help me order one? The Bush Regime Card Deck [R�seau Voltaire]

Thursday, September 25, 2003

the goddess responds to the post below: EMilliken: ?? GoddessAEM: Post this to our site verbatim EMilliken: ok GoddessAEM: "after reading Eric's conversation per Mr. Tree Rat, I realize he got some things wrong... One: I sat for awhile holding said box with bacon and we asked the mouse/rat he said he hated peanut butter. Then Eric said he would do it, and I reluctantly agreed. I said, "Do NOT let this little fucker into my house, or I will kill you." GoddessAEM: Two: I was relaxing in the TUB not the shower readin a sci fi book and drinking tea, when I heard Eric SQUEAL like a little girl. I fought the overwhelming urge to get out, and stayed in tub listening to three adults chase a rat around the house for twenty minutes. EMilliken: hehe GoddessAEM: Three: It was so funny I had to stay in bathroom to fight another HUGE urge to say "I told you so!" GoddessAEM: POST THAT!
This from a chat: EntropyHed:: oh i have a mildly amusing story... Oren Grudgebearer:: I liked Bonanza ipaulo:: me too. nothing wrong with Bonanza EntropyHed:: adrienne and I were sitting in the kitchen friday night after spending a couple hours starting to get ready for my sisters baby shower we were hosting EntropyHed:: we both noticed that our cats were staring ears forward at the cabinet beneath our kitchen sink EntropyHed:: so... ipaulo:: uh oh EntropyHed:: (a little lighter and bold will help) EntropyHed:: i crouch down and listen first EntropyHed:: then i here that tell tale crunching sound EntropyHed:: i grab a flashlight and slowly open the cupboard EntropyHed:: adrienne is peering over my shoulder and i notice a hole in the back left on a board that seperates the sink from the dishwasher Urda:: haus maus EntropyHed:: about that time a grey tree rat pokes his head out of the hole EntropyHed:: notices he has a crowd and disappears back inside ipaulo:: KILL IT. ipaulo:: darn. got away EntropyHed:: (he was really cute BTW) ipaulo:: they spread disease. and little tiny poops too. Urda:: i have chewed too far today EntropyHed:: so i take off the bottom of the dishwasher and notice just in time his feet disappear EntropyHed:: so.... EntropyHed:: this is 12:00 at night now EntropyHed:: i disconnect the dishwasher and slowly pull it out, tense...waiting Urda:: turtle! kermie! earn your keep! EntropyHed:: ...nothing...but lots scat Urda:: nice EntropyHed:: when i finally get it most of the way out i notice another hole...this one disappearing into the wall EntropyHed:: again...a little peek by our rat and a disappearing act EntropyHed:: so... EntropyHed:: i look at adrienne...she looks at me Urda:: and you name it fred EntropyHed:: "i can't kill it" ( i release spiders to the wild for crissakes) EntropyHed:: "me either" Oren Grudgebearer:: what was that movie that came out awhile ago? Mouse Hunt? Where they destroyed the house trying to get the mouse EntropyHed:: "well we can't just let is wander around" EntropyHed:: so using cardboard aluminum coookie sheet we cover up the holes EntropyHed:: there are 3 total EntropyHed:: and resolve to deal with it in the morning EntropyHed:: we turn out the lights to the sounds of little feet and teeth on aluminum EntropyHed:: next morning EntropyHed:: we are trying to figure out what to do... EntropyHed:: first we go through a massive cleanup EntropyHed:: we write off the dishwasher (even though it works fine) EntropyHed:: it's outside as we speak Oren Grudgebearer:: lol EntropyHed:: i can't hear anything so start to remove the temporary anti rat measures Oren Grudgebearer:: he got into the dishwasher? EntropyHed:: not inside the cleaning part...but up all around the electrical and motor Oren Grudgebearer:: ahh, don't want to take the chance of an electrical fire EntropyHed:: i remove the last "patch" and... EntropyHed:: [nope] EntropyHed:: ...peek.. EntropyHed:: find out later...he's in a dead end ipaulo:: they have traps that are nonlethal Oren Grudgebearer:: yeah, my parents had one EntropyHed:: we walled it in last night like some old wine cellar story ipaulo:: you can take him on a hike in the little trap and drop off near a snake hole. Oren Grudgebearer:: has a spring door type of thing that flips the mouse into a holding box EntropyHed:: i slam the cooke sheet back in place and we brainstoem for bit Oren Grudgebearer:: fire always works /wink EntropyHed:: adrienne get a smallish cardboard box and cuts a cartoon-like mouse hole in one side ipaulo:: this is going to get ugly i fear ipaulo:: EntropyHed:: we put some bacon in it and I hold it against the hole Oren Grudgebearer:: bacon, you need to use peanut butter EntropyHed:: adrienne has an appointment and goes to take a shower... Oren Grudgebearer:: hehe EntropyHed:: so I'm waiting now by myself holding a cardboard box against the wall...frozen...waiting waiting wating... EntropyHed:: and i wait some more ipaulo:: RUN AWAY! EntropyHed:: my muscles are cramping now EntropyHed:: and i hear some noises EntropyHed:: and some scratching in the box ipaulo:: watch out! It's a Witch-Mouse EntropyHed:: then EntropyHed:: i feel the whole weight og the mouse EntropyHed:: quickly i try to move the box so it can't get out EntropyHed:: but it's too smart EntropyHed:: i trap it halfway in the box and the wall Oren Grudgebearer:: ewww EntropyHed:: my resolve weakens as i hear it struggle and i pull the box away EntropyHed:: so it runs back in the hole EntropyHed:: *sigh* EntropyHed:: i refresh the bait and do it again... EntropyHed:: s l o w l y EntropyHed:: i hear scratching again EntropyHed:: then in the box EntropyHed:: i move it quickly ipaulo:: really stupid mouse EntropyHed:: ...nothing... ipaulo:: but fast.. EntropyHed:: i shake the box EntropyHed:: ...nothing... ipaulo:: and fed.. EntropyHed:: i pull it away from the wall and look inside Oren Grudgebearer:: you put your eye to the hole ? EntropyHed:: like some posessed jack in the box this rat springs from the box Oren Grudgebearer:: Lol ipaulo:: it likes bacon. You thy enemy and the battle is almost yours. ipaulo:: it had huge fangs! ipaulo:: get the holy handgrenade Urda:: the holy handgrenade of antioch! Oren Grudgebearer joined EntropyHed:: I'm sitting crosslegged by the cupboard and it has no where to go since in my panic i dropped the box and it falls in front of it's exit ipaulo:: Good thing adrienne is in the shower Urda:: well is a tree rat Oren Grudgebearer:: doh, I was disconnected... what I miss EntropyHed:: after noticing doubles back... EntropyHed:: runs along the top of my left leg (I'm wearing shorts) Urda:: bah...just grab the tail and fling it out the window EntropyHed:: [it's FAST] Dyrk:: Ahhhh! Urda:: hehe EntropyHed:: banks across my midsection and down my other leg EntropyHed:: then... EntropyHed:: I'm squeaking like a girl Dyrk:: Lol! EntropyHed:: it realizes it's still trapped and heads back at me EntropyHed:: runs up my chest and over my left shoulder into the greater house Dyrk:: Run away!!! Urda:: Dyrk:: And the cats at this point? Urda:: EntropyHed:: [the cats are locked up] ipaulo:: WOAH! It ran up your body?! KILL IT!!! ipaulo:: release the cats! Urda:: rat cooties! Dyrk:: Unleash the hounds! Err. Cats! ipaulo:: right away! My god! EntropyHed:: it's now under our sofa looking terrified and turbo charged Urda:: turtle! kermie! earn your keep! EntropyHed:: so i open the front door hoping it will run out on it's own Oren Grudgebearer:: thats why you have cats EntropyHed:: nothing Dyrk:: To crawl back under the house then gnaw through your wall again... Oren Grudgebearer:: let the cats chase it out... ewww, it touched you..... Urda:: eric has rat cooties EntropyHed:: so i take my son's toy fishing pole and laying down prod it ipaulo:: have you burned your clothes at this point yet to get rid of the aforementioned rat cooties? EntropyHed:: nothing EntropyHed:: tap it again and it runs toward the door ipaulo:: more bacon must be the answer at this point Dyrk:: Gloves are good. EntropyHed:: SALVATION! EntropyHed:: ...nope... EntropyHed:: runs right by the door under the kitchen table ipaulo:: bacon ON the fishing pole? EntropyHed:: grrrr Urda:: ROFL Dyrk:: Stupid rodent. Urda:: bacon on the cat on the fishing pole Oren Grudgebearer:: ok, I am still laughing out loud... Dyrk:: (Rat fishing?) ipaulo:: ROFL EntropyHed:: i end up chasing it back under the sofa EntropyHed:: [by the door again] Urda:: Dyrk:: (But you shouldda seen the one that got away!) EntropyHed:: more prodding this time goes and runs under the entertainment center Dyrk:: Oy. Urda:: ick! ipaulo:: NOT THE TV! EntropyHed:: i call in the troops Urda:: that's a beyotch EntropyHed:: mom! dad! Dyrk:: Hahaha. EntropyHed:: i need your help Urda:: rat! out! now! EntropyHed:: so they come over ipaulo:: Can I have your TV? Rat poop and all. (like your dishwasher) ipaulo:: electrical fires and all. Dyrk:: Need to be safe, after all. EntropyHed:: i give my mom two long peices of plywood and my dad lays down chairs Urda:: mom! got bacon? EntropyHed:: we now have a narrow raceway leading outside Urda:: no bacon? EntropyHed:: so i start prodding the thing again and it runs... Dyrk:: Where he will go under the house and gnaw his way through the wall to look for more bacon... :) ) EntropyHed:: up into the entertainment center Oren Grudgebearer:: speaking of TV's... ours stopped working today... looks like Daddy is going to get a big screen Dyrk:: Woo hoo! Urda:: because that's where the bacon is EntropyHed:: it's hiding under the tv Dyrk:: I holding out for plasma... Dyrk:: The 5 -year plan has been reset... ipaulo:: stay on target@! Urda:: so you put bacon in the tv EntropyHed:: so i stick it somemore witht he fishing pole starting to think i need some #10 hooks Dyrk:: Heheh. Dyrk:: Ewww. ipaulo:: is adrienne at the store now getting bacon? Urda:: oh god Urda:: my sides EntropyHed:: when it runs out of the entertainment center and does this half kangaroo hopping thing out the front door... Oren Grudgebearer:: treble hooks EntropyHed:: *whew* Urda:: and then runs back in for more bacon ipaulo:: but wait... ipaulo:: ipaulo:: there must be more!? ipaulo:: invent something. Urda:: bacon maus EntropyHed:: "I" run to hope depot pick up a huge box of rat poison a sheet of half inch plywood and drywall screws ipaulo:: and more bacon. Urda:: rofl Oren Grudgebearer:: with #10 hooks Urda:: i'm crying i'm laughing so hard Dyrk:: The rat-trap of eternal perrrril. ipaulo:: lol EntropyHed:: proceed to cram the poison into every orifice EntropyHed:: and screw the plywood over the holes Oren Grudgebearer:: you could bathe instead Urda:: mmmm cooties EntropyHed:: then...I take a shower Oren Grudgebearer:: burn the clothes EntropyHed:: that's my story ipaulo:: yuck. you didn't shower and change before going out for more bacon? That's gross! Oren Grudgebearer:: must say, that was entertaining ipaulo:: and unproductive! EntropyHed:: i had a pretty good laugh too...afterwards ipaulo:: i like that you called your parents. ipaulo:: that's sweet EntropyHed:: they live next door ipaulo:: oh. Oren Grudgebearer:: classic ipaulo:: Oren Grudgebearer:: Paul, you must brighten your text... i'm getting eye strain EntropyHed:: the funniest part Oren Grudgebearer:: EntropyHed:: is adrienne is in the shower and she can hear the whole thing EntropyHed:: did she come out? nope EntropyHed:: her parting words to me before going into the shower were "Don't let get into the house" ipaulo:: how's this O? EntropyHed:: go bold ipaulo:: better? EntropyHed:: there ya go Oren Grudgebearer:: ahh, mucho mejor ipaulo:: boy, after that, I want to go home and play SWG. Not sure why. Oren Grudgebearer:: /grin ipaulo:: and check the apartment for bacon. ipaulo:: er... rats Oren Grudgebearer:: still think peanut butter works better ipaulo:: THAT'S IT E! If you'd just used peanut butter ipaulo:: then, when it was in the box, it would have been too busy doing that roof-of-mouth licking thing dogs do when they eat pb. it couldn't have run away EntropyHed:: lol EntropyHed:: yeah you're probably right ipaulo:: next time. EntropyHed:: no next time EntropyHed:: i put a lifetimes supply of rat poison under, above, in the house walls EntropyHed:: my house will have the toxic halflife of a nevada desert Urda:: ah yes...the foothil tree rat

Thursday, September 04, 2003

Flea turned me on to this site yesterday and it had me laughing out loud. Demotivators, Increasing success by lowering expectations at Despair, Inc. :-(

Tuesday, July 15, 2003 the drive winds past eve and adam...a discussion ensues amidst the howls of a sleepy wolf, and the low growls of a reinvigorated cherokee. Lasers. What is the significance of so odd a word?

Friday, May 30, 2003

I ran across this today. Some scientists are testing the aphrodisiac properties of honey mead. Apparently Dirk and Sheila were on to something.
Wow. It's been over a month.

Friday, April 18, 2003

Adrienne claims this site has the sexiest men on the internet. I'm now saving for mine. You?

Wednesday, April 09, 2003

Last night Conrad and I were dancing around the living room to Crystal Method's Tweekend. We danced. We bobbed. We just raved in general. Conrad then pulled back from me in my arms and got a quizzical look on his face and said "Get funky, dad". Hehe. So I got funky...

Friday, March 28, 2003

Buck sent me this. IM conversations between Bush and Kim Jung Il. Very funny
More baby updates: Latest pictures of young Luke have been found. And congratulations to Tim and Amy and young Evan, just days old now. 8lb, 6oz

Monday, March 24, 2003

"the West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do." Stole this from a blogger in Baghdad.

Friday, March 21, 2003

This website shows examples of the leaflets they are dropping in Iraq.

Thursday, March 06, 2003

Ok. This is pretty darn cool for the geek in all of us. This is a real time playback of the actual hacking sessions of Kevin Mitnick. You will need a goood terminal emulator and some familiarity with setup to view them, but I enjoyed watching them playback.
So. You go to the convenience store, think it's safe. You pick up that bag of Cheet-o's think it's safe. You nestle back in your car and slowly open the bag think it's safe. Only to find this.

Thursday, February 20, 2003

Ran across this link today on Ipaulo. Independent news is an important reality check.

Wednesday, February 19, 2003

Caught this set of natural pest fighting techniques over on You Grow Girll. Mostly linking them up so as not to forget.

Tuesday, February 18, 2003

Last weekend we took the Milliken clan up highway 101 to Santa Maria to celebrate the birthday of a friend. The drive up the coast right now is stunning. If you have been thinking of going, now is the time. While we were there we got invited to use a vacation home in Cayucos. Cayucos is a funky little beach community just north of Morro Bay. We spent a nice evening in a tiny coastal town listening to the rain on the roof and a Sunday morning walk along the beach. Conrad, being two, made several dashes for the Pacific Ocean. Please. Do yourself a favor. Drive up the coast.
Poet's Against the War

Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Ok. I've been pretty diligent about exercising since the first of the year and this morning on my run I hit a milestone of sorts. 1.5 miles in 20 minutes. I'm slowly trying to increase my run time to 30 min and then I'll just try to increase the distance covered during that time. I've lost 5 pounds and I feel great. It's one part of my three pronged attack on quality of life. Adrienne came up with some interesting word combinations this weekend that I wanted to put up here so I didn't forget them. I think each is a story/painting/poem or something... Velcro Jesus. Window in the Waves. We met with a financial advisor last night and opened up a couple fo Roth IRA's. Trying to get that 4.3 million I'm going to need to retire at 60. LOL!

Monday, January 20, 2003

I'm not sure if this is a hoax, but apparently our shrubby little president will be giving the go-ahead to developing a nuclear based rocket which would effectively cut the travel time to mars to 2 months. I'm speechless. He's moved down from a 10 to a 9 on my moron meter.

Friday, January 03, 2003

Our beloved Sheila has jumped into the web log sphere in a big way. Check her thoughts, and pictures. Thanks for giving us the window in...

Thursday, January 02, 2003

Happy New Year everyone. Gail and Alan had their baby! It's a girl. Sydney! 7 pounds, 11 ounces, born 12/27/2002, and beautiful. Guy and Natalie had theirs too! This on our answering machine - 12/30/2002 1:39pm "Hey this is Guy. We...uh..had the Luke William. Obviously it's a boy. Luke William Duncan. 8 pounds, 6 ounces. Good looking kid. He looks solid. So you said to call, so I called. We had to move out of our room because there's a tornado warning, so we are in the interior of the hospital. Anyway, have a good new year. Bye."