Thursday, October 23, 2003

Yesterday was my anniversary. Eight years married to the most incredible woman I've ever met. I find it humbling and amazing that loves me and strive daily to be worthy. I met Adrienne at the Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf and we walked through downtown to Cafe Mundial. Travis greeted us at the door in his usual style (we went to high school together and I was his boss at his first job) and Ben (Adrienne's cousin) showed us to our seats. Adrienne had stopped by The Wine Cellar earlier in the day and after quite some deliberation picked up a bottle of Southing from Sea Smoke wineries. What a wonderful wine! Our appetizer was seared ahi on a bed of pasta and thinly sliced cucumbers and lighty covered with a cucumber wasabi sauce. Adrienne got the creamy asparagus soup and I got the ceasar salad. For our main courses I had a Chilean sea bass that was covered in an orange tomato sauce. This was excellent. I've never had a bad cut of fish here. Adrienne got the baked sand dabs that were also very good. (not as good as mine however). Then for desert we had a very hot VERY rich chocolate souffle. A leisurely stroll home and another memory stored to think about as we sit on our rockers in old age and hold hands.

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