Thursday, December 18, 2003

Astenar:: whoosh! EntropyHed:: that was fowl Astenar:: gives him the bird EntropyHed:: *hawks a loogie at him* Astenar:: call him a chicken EntropyHed:: I'm surprised you had the gull to go there Astenar:: wouldn't sparrow you any detail EntropyHed:: *hums ave maria* Astenar:: I can't do all the puns, you might consider pigeon in EntropyHed:: ah...a flaming oh... Astenar:: hands him a Dove bar to wash his mouth out with EntropyHed:: owl! that one hurt Astenar:: slaps chains on him, fin-eagle your way out of that! EntropyHed:: I'll just wing it, you'll see Astenar:: just beak-ause you're losing.... EntropyHed:: let me mull-et for a bit Astenar:: now you're really egging me on EntropyHed:: *pulls back on the yolk and settles down* EntropyHed:: that fries me Astenar:: at least you'r coming out of your shell EntropyHed:: this won't be over easy Astenar:: scrambles to think of another pun EntropyHed:: damn, you poached that one EntropyHed:: ok...which came first? Astenar:: claws his brain for more EntropyHed:: I'm gonna tal-on you Urda joined EntropyHed:: whew... Astenar:: you're stark raven mad EntropyHed:: hi urda EntropyHed:: lol Astenar:: I'll have you eating crow yet EntropyHed:: (damn, you type too fast) Astenar:: you turkey EntropyHed:: ok, that takes the gravy, I'll beat the stuffing outta ya Astenar:: been blowing your horn a plenty lately EntropyHed:: lack of sax Oren Grudgebearer joined Oren Grudgebearer:: hello Astenar:: we drifted off topic. Truce. EntropyHed:: *shakes hands*

Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Adrienne and I had this wine last night with our dinner. Toasted Head Wines. We gulped it down with Adrienne's homemade chili and corn bread in our secret garden. (Don't ask because I'm not going to tell you) Any way, it was a decent wine with a cool name ;)

Friday, December 12, 2003

As many of you know, this time of year is difficult for Adrienne and I, Connor would have been five on Wednesday. I've been trying to think of what to put up here and just can't think of anything that doesn't sound trite. Things should have been different. I'll let the words of other people do the talking. Thanks Kell, Carl and kids the flowers are beautiful. Adrienne received this poem from her cousin Colleen in an e-mail: Ode to Connor A wonder to behold, a story not full told A blissful babe to share, a golden face and warm brown hair A giant in disguise with soft and tender eyes He gave us moments to know that for all the world aglow Our turn on earth is blessed by all of those who now rest Whose lives have touched our own, then wait for somewhere unknown His beauty is forever etched in soul, let the universe fill that vacant hole With love, and song and laughter and moments still to capture His memory gives us notice that our time here is so swift He came and then left us knowing that each life is a precious gift. PCP'03

Monday, December 08, 2003

I found this page while looking for modeling foam for our future winter solstice displays. I thought this was a pretty neat idea to create the molds using the green florist stuff. CultTVman: Bill Early's Spindrift

Friday, December 05, 2003

When asked by santa what he wanted for xmas a very serious Conrad responded "a candy cane and world peace". I love being a father to such a cool kid, there are so many little gems.

Wednesday, December 03, 2003

Flea sent me a link to this entry in another journal. This person took the song "I like big butts" and translated it into latin and back in to proper English. The results are hilarious. quislibet: a musical interlude