Thursday, September 25, 2003

the goddess responds to the post below: EMilliken: ?? GoddessAEM: Post this to our site verbatim EMilliken: ok GoddessAEM: "after reading Eric's conversation per Mr. Tree Rat, I realize he got some things wrong... One: I sat for awhile holding said box with bacon and we asked the mouse/rat he said he hated peanut butter. Then Eric said he would do it, and I reluctantly agreed. I said, "Do NOT let this little fucker into my house, or I will kill you." GoddessAEM: Two: I was relaxing in the TUB not the shower readin a sci fi book and drinking tea, when I heard Eric SQUEAL like a little girl. I fought the overwhelming urge to get out, and stayed in tub listening to three adults chase a rat around the house for twenty minutes. EMilliken: hehe GoddessAEM: Three: It was so funny I had to stay in bathroom to fight another HUGE urge to say "I told you so!" GoddessAEM: POST THAT!

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