Friday, June 24, 2005

Just to prove that there are some things you never grow out of: [15:01] entropyhed: that's one of those moments [15:01] entropyhed: like listening to joshua tree on the car stereo driving through joshua tree monument [15:02] es: Or drinking while you're peeing! [15:02] es: ok, maybe not. [15:03] entropyhed: done it..and while i did giggle slightly, it wasn't one of THOSE moments [15:03] es: right, whole 'nuther kind of moment entirely [15:03] entropyhed: (just giggled again) [15:03] es: now, have you ever eaten a mudpie while you're... [15:03] es: nm [15:04] entropyhed: (I'm ashamed to say you beat me to that one) [15:04] entropyhed: fart and inhale? no...different pathways...hmmmm [15:05] entropyhed: I'm enjoying this too much [15:05] es: we are slaves to hundreds of millions of years worth of evolution [15:05] es: I'm guilt free [15:05] entropyhed: lol [15:06] entropyhed: hundreds of millions of years of fart jokes...makes the mind boggle [15:06] entropyhed: and puts my olfactory nerves into complete retreat

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Catalina, baby. Buffalo. Ocean. Sand. Ommmm.

I'm an uncle again! Baby Mackenzie is here!

The Dirksen twins are 1! I've been sitting on these pictures for a bit, but I'm ready to share.

I picked up a good quality face painting kit for Adrienne, with the expected results. :)

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

From chat: [10:01] entropyhed: stumbled across some homemade frijole soup [10:01] entropyhed: yummy [10:06] m: oh man. That's hard to get off the shoes. [10:07] entropyhed: HEHE [10:07] entropyhed: luckily there was enough left to get a bowl [10:07] m: Use the rubber type of spatula... helps get more outta the cracks. [10:08] entropyhed: very spicy [10:08] entropyhed: making me sweat [10:08] entropyhed: man this good [10:08] entropyhed: i love just sitting and simmering after eating something like that [10:09] m: Any food you can feel for over an hour after injestion is on the "Good" list [10:10] f: interesting barometer for food mikey [10:11] m: Jack-In-The-Box Tacos. High on the scale [10:11] entropyhed: mikey is an interesting barometer period [10:13] entropyhed: i may have to go back for another bowl [10:13] entropyhed: (forgive me adrienne) [10:13] m: mmmmm..... [10:13] f: lol [10:13] m: multiple-Frijole day! [10:14] f: Forgive us Oh Lord for the bans we are about to ingest. Their latter offenses, though natural and of your work, we hope will fly unto you and be forgiven before they bring our families to ruination. Amen. [10:15] entropyhed: lol [10:15] entropyhed: bout right [10:15] m: hang on - writing that one down
My parents went on an Alaskan cruise in May and I was able to "borrow" their camera. Check out some of these shots