Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Simply put. The llama song.
mfarajian: mike does what? mfarajian: oh. mfarajian: c# or vb? (or or... or....) mfarajian: DateTime birthDate = DateTime.Parse( stringOfBirthDate ); TimeSpan span = DateTime.Now - birthDate; int age = span.Years; mfarajian: (off the top of my head - should be correct) feliciaelena: interesting mfarajian: interesting "Good"? or interesting "How nerdy"? or... or.... entropyhed: lol entropyhed: ah mikey entropyhed: froggie is the wrong nickname for you entropyhed: should be something with more random frenetic energy ;)chaos_mine: yeah, i'm there... silly how vb .net doesn't have a built in function that can subtract from a past date to give you accurate info... feliciaelena: interesting as poetic feliciaelena: I read the code as a sort disjointed haiku entropyhed: ...english majors... feliciaelena: i know...such freaks we are;) chaos_mine: I hear no arguments on this side of the monitor feliciaelena: Date. Time. Birthdate. Parse. entropyhed: 5 feliciaelena: Time span equals Date Time Now entropyhed: 7 feliciaelena: Birthdate. Age spans years. entropyhed: 5 entropyhed: very nice feliciaelena: ::bows::


Monday, November 01, 2004

Conrad's choice this year on all our costumes. You see this right friends! This is not some kind of internet fraud. Adrienne is dressed as a fairy. Make sure you download these pictures!
Steve and Sandy very generously invited us down to their home by the sea (this is the only time Conrad sat down) and while Adrienne and Sandy subjected themselves to the horror of a day spa, shopping, deep tissue massages, etc.. Steve, Conrad and I headed down to the pier for some sea side fun. Conrad had an absolute blast as you can see from the pictures, but I think my high light came when the teenage, slacker ferris wheel operator, in a moment of greatness stopped the ferris wheel with us at the very top so we could watch the sun disappear into the Pacific Ocean. From there it was off to Steve and Sandy's favorite sushi joint where we ate a ridiculous amount of very yummy sushi. What a day!