Thursday, December 18, 2003

Astenar:: whoosh! EntropyHed:: that was fowl Astenar:: gives him the bird EntropyHed:: *hawks a loogie at him* Astenar:: call him a chicken EntropyHed:: I'm surprised you had the gull to go there Astenar:: wouldn't sparrow you any detail EntropyHed:: *hums ave maria* Astenar:: I can't do all the puns, you might consider pigeon in EntropyHed:: ah...a flaming oh... Astenar:: hands him a Dove bar to wash his mouth out with EntropyHed:: owl! that one hurt Astenar:: slaps chains on him, fin-eagle your way out of that! EntropyHed:: I'll just wing it, you'll see Astenar:: just beak-ause you're losing.... EntropyHed:: let me mull-et for a bit Astenar:: now you're really egging me on EntropyHed:: *pulls back on the yolk and settles down* EntropyHed:: that fries me Astenar:: at least you'r coming out of your shell EntropyHed:: this won't be over easy Astenar:: scrambles to think of another pun EntropyHed:: damn, you poached that one EntropyHed:: ok...which came first? Astenar:: claws his brain for more EntropyHed:: I'm gonna tal-on you Urda joined EntropyHed:: whew... Astenar:: you're stark raven mad EntropyHed:: hi urda EntropyHed:: lol Astenar:: I'll have you eating crow yet EntropyHed:: (damn, you type too fast) Astenar:: you turkey EntropyHed:: ok, that takes the gravy, I'll beat the stuffing outta ya Astenar:: been blowing your horn a plenty lately EntropyHed:: lack of sax Oren Grudgebearer joined Oren Grudgebearer:: hello Astenar:: we drifted off topic. Truce. EntropyHed:: *shakes hands*

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