Friday, March 29, 2002

Well Adrienne and I decided that hamburgers were in our our best interest yesterday sooo.... She toddled of to J&B on Myrtle in Monrovia whilst I kibbitzed with the Conman and got two double cheese burgers, chili on the side, fries and shakes. While she was waiting for the objects of our future colonoscopy she noticed in one of those $.25 vending machines, something unusual. You know the cheap trinkets you can get from those vending machines (plastic bracelets, mini football helmets, temporary tattoos, etc)? Well this one has "Lil Homies". No kidding. "Lil Homies". These are small plastic representations of Chicano life. I'm serious here. Adrienne got me two. One is a gang member looking guy with a stocking cap pulled down to his eyes. The other is an obese police officer eating a donut. No seriously. AND There are 18. I now have to collect them all.

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