Monday, March 04, 2002

My DAD ran and finished in the LA Marathon this weekend. Way to go POP! Bulletpoints I watched the very beginning, including the Kenyan team warming up, which was impressive. I was scanning 23,000 faces trying to see my dad. It was trance inducing. My mom hugging my dad saying "You did it honey" Kissing my dad on the head at mile 18 and tasting the sweat on my lips as I drove to the finish line to meet him. At mile 18 (where i moved to after the start so I could give my dad some encouragement) I watched literally 1000's of people move by me in varying degrees of pain. These are people that aren't going to win, that had already been decided. But I was completely overwhelmed by the feeling of determination I was getting from this stream of humanity. Each person slogging on with some dream pushing them. Man, I was moved. Still am.

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