Friday, March 29, 2002

Orale! What people should realize about Homies is that unlike most stereotype products (the product that immediately comes to mind I saw in a Ralph's on Foothill in one of those .25 machines called "Hillbilly Teeth" which were fake plastic teeth that were malformed yeelow and black. Having been to West Virginia, I can assure you that the rate of tooth decay is the same there as the other 49 states) is that they were lovingly and playfully created by a rather big Latino artist named David Gonzales. He has a website set up at: They are fun, I know those guys in those figures, but I prefer my icons to be real. Like Rueb�n Martinez, a barber who loves books so much he started a bookshop next to his barber chair. The bookstore slowly won over. Even tho he still cuts on occasion. He has had the President of Mexico and the Governor of California read to kids there. The literary greats like Carlos Fuentes and Isabel Allende show up to hang. Amazing stuff. And David Soltis interviewed him. Proud to be a citizen of Aztlan. Buck

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