Wednesday, July 20, 2005

I have a friend of mine in the Navy reserves who has been activated and just arrived in Kuwait. I got this e-mail from him today. I found this window into life over there very useful and thought I would share it here: -------------------------------- Well, arrived in Kuwait at 6am the other day and it was a cool 99 degrees. I've never experienced heat like this, yesterday it was 106 and 80 percent humidity at 7:30am and only got worse by the minute (don't know that actually high because I was on the water all afternoon and into the eve). The food is pretty darn good, and the portions are enormous. Did I mention its hot here? Took a shower last night at midnight and by the time I got back to my tent I was soaked in sweat again :) I've got a whole lot of respect for our marines and soldiers on the ground in Iraq, those guys are enduring the same type of weather we are and they are doing it in full battle rattle, drinking warm water and on their feet the whole time. I couldn't imagin a prolonged fight in all that body armor, we've got guys falling out with minor heat injuries and we don't wear half the gear they do. Duty is ok, not very exciting but thats how we like it. Miss all of you and hope everything is going ok back in the states, will try and email more as I get time. Take care all! ------------------------------- Come home safe Jeremy

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