Friday, June 24, 2005

Just to prove that there are some things you never grow out of: [15:01] entropyhed: that's one of those moments [15:01] entropyhed: like listening to joshua tree on the car stereo driving through joshua tree monument [15:02] es: Or drinking while you're peeing! [15:02] es: ok, maybe not. [15:03] entropyhed: done it..and while i did giggle slightly, it wasn't one of THOSE moments [15:03] es: right, whole 'nuther kind of moment entirely [15:03] entropyhed: (just giggled again) [15:03] es: now, have you ever eaten a mudpie while you're... [15:03] es: nm [15:04] entropyhed: (I'm ashamed to say you beat me to that one) [15:04] entropyhed: fart and inhale? no...different pathways...hmmmm [15:05] entropyhed: I'm enjoying this too much [15:05] es: we are slaves to hundreds of millions of years worth of evolution [15:05] es: I'm guilt free [15:05] entropyhed: lol [15:06] entropyhed: hundreds of millions of years of fart jokes...makes the mind boggle [15:06] entropyhed: and puts my olfactory nerves into complete retreat

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