Monday, January 10, 2005

um...2005 is what, 10 days old? I've had my fill of tragedy and pain already. This last weekend for me was one of shock and cuteness and hope and lack of hope. The tone struck last last week was one of shock and tragedy at the illness of a dear friend and their family. Still reeling from that one friends. Mixed in with that was strolls in the rain with Conrad dressed in a slicker and galoshes, a Sunday morning in a rain suit with work gloves and a shovel, making sand bags and trying to divert runoff to save the "rest" of a friends home, reading Tintin novellas to Conrad, practicing my massages on Adrienne. Somedays I just don't know where to begin...Think good thoughts about our friends today, especially at 2:00pm when a physician determines the course of their lives.

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