Friday, January 28, 2005

Heard about Philip Johnson in a short peice on NPR. He died recently and they mentioned this as his favorite building. His profession was that of an architect. I've often wondered about living in a house with glass walls. All cliches about throwing stones aside, I'm finding this part of my life is about tearing down the walls. A house such as this fits my mood. No secrets. No lies. No defenses. I imagine myself in a Japanese robe laying on the bed with a cup of steaming green tea, reading Salinger's 9 stories. The Glass House.


Anonymous said...

Oh, give it a glass ceiling, a natural floor and add a spare bed cuz I'm your new roommate.


Anonymous said...

Hey Eric....
please post on our site the link to Norris USC and also (american brain tumor asso.) and
let people know to contact us if they wish to send money or help to Erin and Tim.