Thursday, April 04, 2002

Oh I forgot! Anyone know anyone in Pittsburgh? (sound of crickets) I want to get one of these stadium giveaway bobbleheads of Willie Stargell from the game coming up on 4/10. I think that baseball is falling into a mode of nostalgia, and not actual progression as a sport. I think it about other things now. But Willie Stargell. Even though I grew up in L.A. in Little League I windmilled the bat before the pitch because "that was what hitters do." Later on my Mother who was an occupational therapist working with the handicapped, asked me if I ever heard of a baseball player named Willie Stargell. Turns out his daughter was under my Mom's care. At an event, I got to meet the man, and showing him my windmill, was rewarded with a star similar to the ones on his cap. Email E if you can help.

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