Tuesday, April 09, 2002

Conrad won't sleep. We decided early along on this parenting trip that leaving your child alone in a dark room to cry himself to sleep was tantamount to poking him with a sharp stick. So, we do other things. Walking, reading, and especially driving. Last night on our drive we were on Sierra Madre in Sierra Madre =) when Adrienne points to the center divider and says: "Wax the spring horse" Perhaps more information would be useful... We were listening to John Coltrane and talking about jazz. So here I'm thinking she's making some jazz reference or some free form "jazz-like" word association and I'm desperately trying to figure it out. My mind twirls about this phrase, dissecting it, running it through every iteration, looking for meaning. Finally I throw in the towel, admit my mediocrity, and ask her "WTF does 'wax the spring horse' mean?". Of course she bursts into laughter. She had said something entirely different and I had mis-heard what she had said. Typical guy.

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