Thursday, October 20, 2005

Okay. So I created our daily chat room with a name I thought quite clever (yes it's working for me) >>Dia de la Mujer Toes<< Then E.S. logs in: [13:47] *** es has joined the chat. [13:47] es: Ole! [13:52] entropyhed: mess with the bull young man, and... [13:52] es: you get the toes? [13:53] entropyhed: hehe [13:53] entropyhed: hey [13:53] entropyhed: i thought the name was particularly inspired this morning [13:53] es: whatsa mujer? [13:53] entropyhed: woman [13:53] entropyhed: i think [13:54] es: day of the chick toes [13:54] entropyhed: O_o [13:54] entropyhed: creepy, huh? [13:54] entropyhed: **insert scary music** [13:55] es: not if the toes come with chicks attached [13:55] entropyhed: hehe [13:55] entropyhed: you're not using your imagination enough, it can still be scary [13:55] entropyhed: in fact [13:55] entropyhed: **shiver** [13:55] entropyhed: stop [13:58] es: big, knobby, gnarled fat toes, with corns and shredded nails with dirt underneath [13:58] entropyhed: see [13:58] entropyhed: there ya go [13:58] entropyhed: ew [13:58] entropyhed: it's terrifying [13:58] es: severed from the foot, inching along the floor like a worm [13:59] es: sketching out a blood trail as it goes [13:59] entropyhed: :p [13:59] entropyhed: ok [13:59] es: then joined by another, and another, and... [13:59] entropyhed: you can stop using your imagination now [13:59] es: the floor is a writhing mass of creeping toes, like a field of bloody maggots [14:01] es: they squirm out of cracks in the floor, holes in the walls, dropping to the ground and inching toward you in your last corner of refuge [14:01] entropyhed: damn [14:02] es: in the silent pause after you inhale to scream, you can hear their nails scratching at the floor like a chorus of demented crickets searching you out [14:02] entropyhed: boy did I ask for that [14:02] entropyhed: lol

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