Saturday, April 16, 2005

STILL haven't read the book? "Unleashing The Warrior Within" Richard Machowicz ( So far, specifically due to this book and the class I've taken: 1.)Lost over 50 pounds...replaced with lean muscle. 2.)dropped about 80% of my overall stress and worry and anger. 3.)I've overcome and re-evaluated several huge fears and come out stronger and better equipped to deal with everything. (after MANY years in therapy...this book/course was what made IT happen...results finally) 4.) regained confidence and joy (and then some!) I had not known in YEARS. I took back my life. I took the red pill. 5.) I can do 100 pushups. 100 situps. 100 squats.100 really fast jumping jacks. THEN I can still focus and train with a bunch of really awesome people learning to protect myself (and others too) and "show up" in the event of threat. Sound hokey? Sound impossible? Sound great? I challenge you to read this book.

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