Wednesday, November 10, 2004

mfarajian: mike does what? mfarajian: oh. mfarajian: c# or vb? (or or... or....) mfarajian: DateTime birthDate = DateTime.Parse( stringOfBirthDate ); TimeSpan span = DateTime.Now - birthDate; int age = span.Years; mfarajian: (off the top of my head - should be correct) feliciaelena: interesting mfarajian: interesting "Good"? or interesting "How nerdy"? or... or.... entropyhed: lol entropyhed: ah mikey entropyhed: froggie is the wrong nickname for you entropyhed: should be something with more random frenetic energy ;)chaos_mine: yeah, i'm there... silly how vb .net doesn't have a built in function that can subtract from a past date to give you accurate info... feliciaelena: interesting as poetic feliciaelena: I read the code as a sort disjointed haiku entropyhed: ...english majors... feliciaelena: i know...such freaks we are;) chaos_mine: I hear no arguments on this side of the monitor feliciaelena: Date. Time. Birthdate. Parse. entropyhed: 5 feliciaelena: Time span equals Date Time Now entropyhed: 7 feliciaelena: Birthdate. Age spans years. entropyhed: 5 entropyhed: very nice feliciaelena: ::bows::

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