Tuesday, August 24, 2004

mfarajian: hmm.... you left right after I said: "All Hail Satan And His Many Minions!!!!!" mfarajian: i assumed I offended you evolvedskeptic: I thought it was cuz I farted evolvedskeptic: dammit, you wouldn't have known that, this isn't voice chat evolvedskeptic: nm that last entropyhed: actually, if you can remember right i CAN initiate "voice" chat evolvedskeptic: [sits on his microphone] Ok....GO! entropyhed: but to truely appreciate that particular voice you should be here to witness the results of mediteranean chicken with oodles of garlic butterm hummus and taboulli mfarajian: why would i have expected bickler *woudln't* go there just now evolvedskeptic: I'll give you all a second to plug in yer subwoofers entropyhed: lol bruce_dirksen: But would it be any "nastier"? bruce_dirksen: Ack. I've been drawn in. bruce_dirksen: Oh the shame. bruce_dirksen: Quick -- retreat to lunch. evolvedskeptic: [looks fondly on what he started] evolvedskeptic: a perennial favorite mfarajian: to be sure, this is fart humor... a distinctively different thing than poop humor. evolvedskeptic: ah, a connoisseur

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